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A Real Epic!

JQS1: Wren Birdsong has been following the party (Perf, Nara, Carrow, and Glorion) for a year after receiving her assignment from the Headmistress of the Bard's college. Wren notices Rilk and his comrade carve an orcsign and accidentally shouts "sod", which alerts the orcs and Nara. Wren hides behind the riddle pillar, barely out of view of the party.

The Assassin confronts Wren at knife point and demands Wren explain herself. Wren is talkative, so the Assassin soon knocks her out and ties her up. When Wren wakes, Carrow (now undead) shambles across her path toward the orc encampment. Nara impales an orc with a thrown knife, and the now dead orc lands near Wren. Wren uses the knife to free herself.

She still thinks that she's been assigned a false epic until Rilk, Grellnock, and Yart inform her that Perf had the Sword of Fighting.

Wren used Pout. It's super effective!

JQS2: While following Carrow, Perf, Nara, and their captor (the Assassin) into Sumber, Wren uses a Veil of Death to avoid notice by the undead inhabitants of the city. The Pale Lady removes the veil and reveals Wren as alive. The undead swarm Wren, and she drops a potion of intangibility, but eats the dirt where it landed to escape the hoard and enter the mausoleum.

Inside the mausoleum, Silver Tom catches up with Wren. He surreptitiously steals her badge and tries to take her notes, but she refuses to hand them over. Rilk appears, having assumed Wren was in danger, and Silver Tom accuses Wren of breaking a tenet via Romantic Entanglement. The corpse worm attacks Rilk, and Wren picks up a sword to stab it while Silver Tom takes her notebook and runs.

Outside the mausoleum, Wren tries to convince Silver Tom not to take her epic, to no avail. Rilk appears and speaks in orcish, which Wren can't understand. She does confirm she's got a major crush on the Sergeant, even without knowing his name.

The Assassin steals Wren's clothes. Rude.

"It starts in a bright warm kitchen..."

JQS3: With only her cloak as a covering, Wren stomps through the woods, and encounters a vessel of the Wicked Kings, barely alive. Wren listens and learns of the plot to kill Perf. When the Kings notice the orb is on, Wren runs, trips, and falls on her potions bag. The potions mix, and she begins to wildly hallucinate. Puppets are involved. She passes out near a Dwarven mining village and is taken in by Miad and Daggie. Daggie requires her to sing for her supper in the tavern. Wren starts to sing, but when Perf appears in the tavern, she hides.

Wren informs Silver Tom of the Kings' plot to kill Perf. Silver Tom is unmoved. Miad and Wren talk about the stolen epic and Wren's urge to save her protagonist, and Miad suggests Wren write a rogue epic. Wren sings in the tavern, a personal song about her journey to becoming a bard. Wren's Song

"...Listen to the Talking Heads." --Wren's mom, apparently.

After her song, Wren gushes with Miad and speaks to Rilk (disguised). Wren struggles with Silver Tom while recording the interaction between Perf, Nara, the Assassin, and soon Daggie and Miad. She throws Silver Tom's hat toward the fight, and both Wren and Silver Tom react in horror as Carrow bites the Assassin's neck. Wren and Silver Tom return to the tavern, Wren asks for her notebook back. Rilk, Yart, Grellnock, Glorion, and Roderick enter shortly afterward, so they hide in the wardrobe-closet. Rilk, Yart, and Grellnock enter the closet too, and Wren starts scolding Rilk. After Yart and Grellnock disappear, Wren sleep-potions Silver Tom, dresses herself and Rilk in frilly clothes, and sneaks past Glorion. Wren and Rilk argue in the woods and decide to travel together to see her party at the Oracle.

How could anyone say no?

Wren meets the Oracle, takes the pinapple tart, and asks her first two questions in quick succession. Wren takes a logical route to phrase her third question carefully.

See Wren's Questions and their answers on the Oracle's page.

Wren leaves the Oracle, takes a pineapple tart to Rilk, kisses him, and then Rilk passes out.

(Stop sleep-potioning people, Wren. It's rude.)

Wren arrives just after Glorion stabbed Perf. Roderick tries to comfort Wren with an "I'm sure he'll be fine." Since Perf's friends (Nara and Carrow) can't help, Wren gives Perf a healing potion, breaking another tenet.