Half-Ogre (JourneyQuest)

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Ogresses find ogre bulls nearly as ugly as everyone. However, ogresses find human males very attractive, and many prides keep a handful around as pleasure slaves and breeding stock. These unions almost always result in the fourth kind of ogre: the half-ogre. If it’s a male, the half-ogre will join the pride in a position of favor, and will be given a status almost as high as an ogress. If the half-ogre is a female, it is usually killed outright by its ogress mother—the ogresses aren’t interested in any competition.

Half-ogres serve as favored pets among the ogresses, and are intelligent enough to serve as scouts. Furthermore, the fact that they are capable of surviving on plant matter as well as meat—they’re the only omnivores among ogrekind—means that they can range farther afield in service to their tribe. The human fathers, meanwhile, seldom last very long—a single ogress might “marry” several times in her lifetime, and look to replenish her stock of husbands whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Neither Orogs nor Half-ogres continue to grow throughout their lives. Half-ogres’ growth is capped by their human blood, and orogs’ is slowed by the hormonal stunting that occurs when they are castrated at birth—an orog can eventually reach size large, but its growth will cease there.

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