Gutting Swamp

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Orcs of the Gutting Swamp (Orkulz Viskonar Raitsar), c.b. Kerani

Needs salt.

Savage hunters dwelling in one of the world's deadliest regions, the Orcs of the Gutting Swamp stalk, poison, and devour anyone foolish enough to enter their territory.

The Gutting Swamp lies at the southern end of the Swath near human lands, an inhospitable flooded forest containing all kinds of plants and creatures dangerous to orcs and gadzork alike.

Led by Nar the Boar, the Gutting Swamp Orcs raided across the mountains into Inkwood, then divided his forces to attack human lands. His raiding army was fought back, and after Nar was killed, the survivors fled into Gutting Swamp. Many died, until the Jan the Cur took over as Chief and stressed patience and alertness.

The Orcs of Gutting Swamp have the largest litters in orcdom, between five and ten young each litter. Gutting Swamp orcs make great use of their environment, from training in poisons, using bones and animal skins for weapons and armor. The Gutting Swamp lays between the Swath and the Wicked Kingdoms, and serves as a barrier between the human kingoms, elven kingdoms, and the rest of orcdom.

Gutting Orc swamps are cannibals and sapiovores. Sentient or not, enter the swamp at your own risk.