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Episode Seventy-Nine: The New Batch


Crash, Andi, Maddox, and Wyatt uncover new secrets within Arena. With the help of the impossible, they break into a hidden world and find the avatars within.


Crash, Rosie, Wyatt, and Maddox are installed in a secret lair beneath the city of Colyseum. Zenda warns them not to leave the building and to watch the monitors. He leaves and the pilots spend the next few days pouring over the video screens. They see many strange sights, none so strange as that of a buffed out Brony Robbins fighting in the arena. Zenda finally returns and brings with him Andi Jaymes. The others relate what they have seen when suddenly from inside a can, a slip of paper falls out. It directs them to a door that none of them remember being there before. Descending the stairs, the come into a basement full of impossible objects and four more letters. While the pilots read their letters and Zenda takes in the new equipment, he tells them what he is now able to do. Thanks to these new metapods they will be able to enter a hidden Metaverse, one that is very important to Antonius. Climbing into the pods the pilots have the sensation of motion and suddenly open their eyes in a world much like their own and yet completely different. Their avatars are children on the eve of their thirteenth birthday. These four children are taken to a secure facility by shady government types. It seems that one of them has the potential to be reborn as a god and the Human First Alliance isn't taking any chances. Sitting outside in a van, Tragedy (avatar of Andi) is waiting for a sign. It comes in the form of a large explosion. The four children take it as their cue to leave and jump into Tragedy's van in order to avoid the soldiers trying to kill them. Once inside they have to fend off various attackers but manage to repel them and drive towards a sudden and growing storm. As they get further inside a helicopter is spotted...and two men jump out of it. These are the sons of Thor and they are coming to kill the children. The pilots take control from their avatars in an attempt to keep them from getting killed...and end up bonding with them in the process. Crash's avatar is suddenly struck by lightening and yet is unharmed. Thor's sons are taken care of and Crash is still glowing. They keep heading towards the center of the storm. Eventually they have to stop and are confronted by the man himself...Thor. One by one all the pilots' avatars manifest into gods. Zeus, Amon Rah, Loki, and The Morrigan stand on the earth once again. The Morrigan kills Thor and Zeus teleports them all to "that place". The pilots have no say in the matter. With the exception of Andi, they are all pushed to the back, tiny specks as their avatars take full control.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Brock Acedius, Gregory Aarons, Tricia Adisev, Hellenna Abbaddon , Tragedy Lokisdottir