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Episode 1: Hyperreality Bites

MOTM Ep 1 jpeg.jpg

Five strangers are forced into service on a mysterious mission, traveling to parallel universes and occupying the bodies of key figures. Their first world: surperheroes!...of reality TV?

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Metapods, Crash Jaxun, Dr. Jenika Clarkson, Rosie Harvin, Jebidiah Lexington, Aquamarine, Hex Destiny, Lady Veil, Kid Titan, Riptide, Bombshell 3.0, Johnny Legion, Col. Steve Richardson, Dr. Samantha Simkins, Doctor Dynamo