Dreams And Nightmares

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Suffers from multiple personality disorder. It just so happens that each personality is a brother who used to be alive. Avatar of John Stone

Sara Lockwood

Betrayed by her husband and committed to an insane asylum. The only sane person in the bunch...right? Avatar of Tessa


A former war medic and commander. Suffering from a traumatic head injury which has lead him to believe that he is the Arch Angel Michael. Avatar of Crash Jaxun

Timothy Allen Jones

A man who knows that there are bad people in the world. So he kills them. A lot. Avatar of Wyatt Maxwell

Lan Skyracer

An eagle and a prince, he's possibly the savior of the galaxy...or something. Avatar of Thomas


The right hand condor of Hannah and the last of her kind. No better mechanic, friend, or pilot. Avatar of Aquamarine


A smuggler and a scoundrel, there's just something terribly charming about her. Avatar of Andi Jaymes


Still a sniper, still mostly machine. But this time she's one of the good guys? Avatar of Rosie Harvin


Able to remove pieces of herself and turn them into bombs, Plastique can fit into any situation. Avatar of Aquamarine

Major Mayhem

Mind control for good with an attitude to match. Avatar of Jenika

Tiger Queen

She loves tigers. Who doesn't? Avatar of Andi Jaymes