Demon Hunters (1999)

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The group that would become the Dead Gentlemen Productions filmed Demon Hunters in April and May of 1999.

Running Time: 1 hour 21 minutes.

The story is about an international group of monster killers named The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, and created the basis for all of the Demon Hunters projects, including the role playing game. Its sequel, Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake was filmed in March of 2000, and a second sequel titled Demon Hunters: Nox Aeterna was hypothesized several times.


Beneath the library of Pacific Northwest University lies an ancient evil—the earthwalking demon Duamerthrax the Indestructible. Freed after a thousand-year imprisonment, the demon unleashes his murderous fury upon legions (more like twenty, actually, but "legions" sounds more dramatic) of college students some of which are self-righteous, foolish, and incompetent. One such college boob is Chris, an unfortunate accounting major who just happened to be in the way. Chris has only one hope: the Demon Hunters with their cold, fearless leader, Gabriel. Together, they find themselves caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Duamerthrax. As the demon whittles down the team one by one, will Chris and Gabriel discover the demon’s weakness and destroy him before he kills them all? And what mystical force is preventing Duamerthrax from leaving the campus?



Character Name Actor
Gabriel Nathan Rice
Silent Jim Don Early
Chris Weiner Steve Wolbrecht
Duamerthrax Matt Vancil
Rigor Mortis Airan Sea Wilson
Albrecht Matt Jay
Wolf Steve Payne
Kincaid Jesse Stratton
The Cipher Andy Dotson
The Purple Ninja The Purple Ninja

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