Crash Jaxun

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Player: Christian Doyle


Crash Jaxun is a gaming celebrity, so thoroughly obsessed with video games that he rarely if ever leaves his home. He apparently learned about the Metapod Program and it's involvement in government black ops through exploring the dark web, regarded it as a sort of immersive gaming experience, and became so excited that he presented himself to the organizaton and demanded admittance to the program. Luckily for him and for his teammates, the organization recognized his gifts and accepted him.

As a pilot, Jaxus has proven highly perceptive and resourceful, if a bit socially awkward; the technicians have had to repeatedly request that he not enter the metapods--or walk the halls--naked. His keen insight has given him a keen understanding of others, however; no one has connected with Nick Krieger as strongly as he has, and he has been able to discern when an avatar is hiding something, even when the pilot remains unaware.

Spoilers, Episode 14:

Following the Team's return from the Kingdom of Yosemite and Nick Krieger's being taken into custody, Jaxun snuck out late at night and used his strength gained from Kid Titan to punch through a wall. He later appears with Nick Krieger, whom he allowed to commandeer him in order to escape, stealing metapods and pilots in order to bring them to The Founders. He is also revealed to be the older brother of Tessa Wallace.

Earth 06618 (Sentinel City): Kid Titan
Kingdom of Yosemite: Prof. Richard Gatlin
80s Invasion: Multiple
Return To Fartherall: Harzoul The Incredibly Evil

Single Player Mode by Paxamo