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The Brine-Shod, (Quagashgakkulz), c.b. Nathaniel Luckett

Even teenage pirates are moody, I guess.

A dreaded collective of seafaring castoffs striking from an orc-made island. Everything's better with pirates.

This clan is made from outcasts (skeevy and shifty and rude). They stole their original ship, the Beer-Runner, from humans and have gradually been adding ships to this conglomeration ever since. This clan almost always limits their raids to non-orc settlements.

On this psuedo-landmass, a contingent of "Shark Priests" have started to form. Their unstable mages use arcane forces to coax the wind and seas to their bidding.

Among children of the Brine-shod, many babies are born bluer, or with webbed fingers and toes.

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