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The Bloodspeakers, (Hezsaxbruskulz), c.b. Koli Xela

A clan of historians, the Bloodpseakers ensure the orcs never forget where they came from, or what they endured.

A smallish clan, with only a few hundred residents, they "speak the history of their blood." Nearly all Bloodspeakers have memorized tales of Orcish History, their own clans and most other clans as well. Many Bloodspeakers venture to other clans to learn their stories and continue the preservation, and these adventurous scholars are usually welcomed. Also called the Speakers, they live in villages carved into mountains with sparse sacred trees on the edge. The Bloodspeaker's chief is selected by a council of elders.

Bloodspeakers paint themselves rather than use ranking scars. Because they are unbiased, they are highly respected. They are not confrontational with any race except dwarves.

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