Astral Voyagers

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The Astral Voyagers (Biuldjaenwulz), c.b. Silke Degenkolb

Reviled for their collaboration with the Underkings, the Astral Voyagers are the least Orcish--and most Ordic--of all the clans.

The Astral Voyagers are descended from the orcs who collaborated with the Underkings prior to the Red Exodus, as well as the Ordic scientist and technomancers who were forced to experiment on their own kind.

Because of these orcs, "blue-skinned" is synonymous with "traitor."

But in the Red Exodus, the Astral Voyagers also turned against their slavers and escaped over the Blue Mountains, into Silverwood, and met the other half of their clan: deforested elves.

Astral voyagers tend to be slim, graceful, long-lived, and blue-tinted. They tend to look more like elves than orc, and avoid orcs whenever possible.