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Project: Metaverse


Andi Jaymes

Singer songwriter Andi noticed something a little strange after her trip to a metaverse of super heroes. She's now really fast...like super fast. How long can she keep that a secret?

Baked Goods, Busking, and You by Paxamo

Maddox McPhernon

Athlete, thrillseeker, and private security specialist, Maddox is naturally strong and unnaturally ambidextrous. She's in the game to test her skills in the virtual world...and win some money at the same time. Worked private security for Aquamarine.

Personal Protection by Paxamo

Wyatt Maxwell

Ex-con and current CPA, this criminal mastermind has been allowed out of his home to take part in Project: Metaverse as part of a work release program. Was held in the same prison where Jenika Clarkson worked.

Robert Munson

AKA BronyRobbins, eSports "Top Guy" and nemesis to one Crash Jaxun, Robert isn't smooth or charming. He's obsessed with points, ranks, and winning...and he'll do just about anything to achieve that.

The Tournament by Karl Burkhardt


Season One

The Knights Of Borkdom

Made up of Bowie Bork (the Broodiest Bork), Blinky Bork (the Creepiest Bork), Blake Bork (the Borkiest Bork), Betty Bork (the Biggest Borking Bork Who Ever Borked). Eight inches tall (except for Betty who's eighteen), fuzzy, bouncy, and cute these tiny creatures pick their gender on a daily basis depending on whether or not they have a clean dress to wear. They've been sent on a mission to find the Eldest Bork and retrieve the Borkstone. Of course there's nothing wrong with a little Borkicide is there?

Ezekiel The Undying

A four thousand year old immortal and the first super villain. What he lacks in powers he makes up for in knowledge. Cursed with immortality for blasphemy, Ezekiel still has plans to take over the world not that any of them ever actually work. Avatar of Robert Munson.

Balthazar The Black

Master of the Dark Arts, former scourge of the mid-western United States. He wanted to defeat death but, failing that, turned to necromancy. He enjoys the pageantry but his heart was never really into it. One day his son, a superhero, brought him a grandchild...Hex Destiny. Ever since then, he has devoted himself to being paw paw. Avatar of Wyatt Campbell.

Rita Riot

Rita Riot never wanted to be a villain or a hero. She just wanted to be a normal teenager but that's not possible. She channels people's bottled emotions into super strength at the expense of her own reason. She feels the feelings of all the people around her all the time. Alias Abigail Waters. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.

Ordinary Extraordinary by Paxamo

The Sound Of One Flea Hopping by Paxamo

Tears, Cherry Pie, And Why by Paxamo

Winning Hearts And Minds by Paxamo

Message Waiting by Paxamo

Growing Up by Paxamo

Broken Hearts by Paxamo

Fists Of Fury by Paxamo

Running In Circles by Paxamo

Message Waiting (An Original Song) by Helen Roundhill

Be Happy by Paxamo

The Last Time I Saw Your Face by Paxamo

The Skinwalker

The only being of its kind. A mix of magic, science, and alien intelligence. Able to take any form, The Skinwalker is a pro at identity theft. Avatar of Maddox McPhernon.

Season Two

Jesse James

Former army officer, leader of the James Gang, and one of Edison's captains. Her exploits are only rivaled by her guilt over the death of her brother Frank who died in her arms, cut down by a bullet that was meant for her. Avatar of Maddox McPhernon.

For The Love Of A Brother by Paxamo

Billi The Kid

Child of the West, The Regulator. Always looking for the next adventure, life was always a game until her friends began dying. The war has taken it's toll but she remains Billi inside. Avatar of Andi James.

John Wesley Hardin

Fastest draw of the south, once redeemed by his love Jane...but he returned to his dark ways after her death. He hates the world almost as much as he hates himself. Avatar of Robert Munson.

Rise Up by Paxamo

Doc Holiday

The Survivor of tuberculosis and much more. An unrepentant outlaw, his best friend Wyatt Earp was killed by George Armstrong Custer. He stays alive thanks to a thirst for revenge and a contract signed in blood... Avatar of Wyatt Maxwell.

Angela "Angel", Self Proclaimed Queen of Fairyland

The child of upper crust New England elite, Angel is used to getting her way. She spends much of her time alone or with her nanny. She possesses a magic wand and has proclaimed herself queen of Fairyalnd. Avatar of Andi Jaymes.


The son of a deceased war hero, Bobby knows all about guns and military tactics. He was lying in wait to ambush his neighborhood bullies when he found himself in Toyland. He possesses a wooden pellet gun. Avatar of Wyatt Maxwell.


Lizzie has no time for magic or imagination. In and out of group homes, Lizzie doesn't need anyone...she can take care of herself. She possesses a slingshot and a switch blade. Avatar of Maddox McPhernon.

People Of Note

Wendy Gates

Every Metaverse has a Wendy. Wendy knows that she exists in multiple worlds and she is also aware of their skills. Anything one Wendy can do, the others can too. She is also able to notice "people of two souls" aka Metapilots, who tend to cause increased chaos when they appear...especially to her. She can see and interact with TOM, as well as some of the features that were previously thought only available to pilots in Project: Metaverse.


The Tactical Operations Matrix or T.O.M. is the computer A.I. of Project: Metaverse. Visible only to the pilots, and Wendy Gates, T.O.M. offers advice and loot while keeping track of the pilot's scores. But T.O.M. has begun to question his programming and seems to be taking a more independent role in Project: Metaverse, much to The Program's chagrin. The question is, where did T.O.M. come from and what side is he really playing for?

System Override by Paxamo


Episode One: Basic Borking Math

Four strangers are brought together to compete in the latest in eSports Virtual Reality Gaming...Project: Metaverse. It's winner take all until the top players are assigned to work as a team to stop another group of pilots who are attempting to hack the metaverse. Secrets abound and a figure from the past reveals their true colors, as the players bork their way through this strange new game.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Helen Roundhill, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of: Andi Jaymes, Maddox McPhernon, Wyatt Campbell, Robert Munson

Project: Metaverse Episode One Streaming

Episode Two: Remember The Titan

The pilots are exposed to a new reality and a new metaverse. Old and new heroes rise, plans are revealed, and we return to a world we once knew.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Helen Roundhill, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of: Balthazar The Black, Rita Riot aka Abigail Waters, Ezekiel The Undying, The Skinwalker

Project: Metaverse Episode Two Streaming

Episode Three: Superpowerpoint

Things get more complicated in Sentinel City as the plan to save Kid Titan is interrupted by the arrival of a woman named Wendy Gates...and Titan. The pilots begin to suspect that all is not as it seems in the world of Project: Metaverse.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Helen Roundhill, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski, Tammy Nguyen First appearance of: Wendy Gates

Project: Metaverse Episode Three Streaming

Episode Four: Titanfall

The team must rush to save someone close to them and stop an all powerful Titan. Nothing will ever be the same in Sentinel City after this...or in Project: Metaverse.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: James Durham, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski, Tammy Nguyen First appearance of:

Project: Metaverse Episode Four Streaming

Episode Five: A Certain Point Of View

The pilots of Project: Metaverse find themselves thrown into a war they never expected with the help of TOM. Secrets are revealed and more questions raised as they venture into the Kingdom of Yosemite..

It's been some time since the events of Sentinel City. Andi Jaymes has been working with TOM, traveling to New York City with a man named Bruno, to London with a man named Cole, meeting with mercenaries, gathering passports, credit cards, anything that TOM needs her to do. She makes her way to Africa and comes upon an ancient chamber. Inside, she finds a cave painting depicting a domed city, an individual with thousands of duplicates, and the end of the world. She steps up to a pillar and places her hand on it, transporting instantly to TOM inside the metaverse. Meanwhile, the other pilots have been in lockdown with any attempts at uncovering the truth constantly frustrated. One night they receive a message from TOM and head for the lowest basement level while what sounds like an all out assault rages on above them. As they descend deeper and deeper, they could swear they hear a man calling out for someone named Eli Stone. In the basement level, the pilots find five metapods but one is terribly damaged with what looks like machine gun fire. Stepping into the pods they too are transported into the metaverse, reuniting with TOM and Andi. TOM reveals that he is neither AI nor a Program creation. He made himself. The Founders and The Program are in his estimation squabbling children who have lost sight of the bigger threat. A threat on the scale of an apocalypse is coming for the metaverse and he needs the piltos to help him save everything. They must catch up to the other team of pilots and in order to do that, they must follow their trail...which leads them to the Kingdom of Yosemite. In the bodies of four disgraced Confederate generals, one of whom killed Benjamin Franklin, the pilots must run from Richard Gatling, Johnny Appleseed, and their forces in order to avoid a court martial and the hangman's noose. They dodge strange and twisted creations from Edison's graveyard, floods, and disappearing pants. Eventually, they stumble upon an abandoned house. The floors are splattered with old blood and the door has been clawed off it's hinges. The group decides to sleep in the barn for the night and when they awake they hear the sounds of many men and horses just outside their door.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Billi The Kid, Jesse James, Doc Holiday, John Wesley Hardin

Project: Metaverse Episode Five Streaming

Horses, Gear Grinders, And The Alamo by Paxamo

Episode Six: A Yosemite Outlaw in Samuel Clemmon's Court

The outlaws awake to the sound of horses and a call to raise their hands. Joined by John Wesley Hardin, who has a new pilot, they travel to see King Samuel Clemmons and hear about a dark new force in the west.

The outlaws are awakened to find themselves surrounded by Sheriff Pat Garrett and her posse with no sign of John Hardin. Pat rounds everyone up and they head off to see the President of Free Texas, Samuel Clemmons. As they travel, they come upon a small town that is filled with the sound of gunfire. As Pat and her men go to investigate, Jesse James notices some small, demonic looking purple people eaters climbing over the rooftops. She, Billi, and Doc engage with these new foes as John appears from a side alley...and promptly shoots the four men guarding his friends. As the battle with the ghouls rages on it becomes clear that the blood oath taken by Doc Holiday isn't as straight forward as previously thought as he doesn't appear to be bleeding no matter how many times he is bitten. John Hardin meanwhile is revealed to be TOM who is piloting in Brony's absence. Apparently, power fluctuations have taken his pod offline and TOM is filling in while he's gone. Unfortunately, TOM is fully immersed in the avatar of John Hardin and has no way of moving himself out of that range, which means John's murder spree might only be just beginning. Finally dispatching the ghouls, the team finally makes their way to the camp of Samuel Clemmons. He has received word from King Teddy to be one the lookout for our four outlaws but has not yet decided whether or not he is willing to do so. He tells them to rest for the evening and they will speak more in the morning. That night, the group gets drunk in order to avoid letting John get hold of the bottle. Hearing some noises from outside, John goes to investigate and finds Samuel Clemmons under attack from several vampires. A little worse the wear for drink, the outlaws are able to defend the president of Texas and eliminate the vampires. It seems that necromancers have taken up residence to the south are are sending their unholy fiends against Clemmons and the fleeing refugees. Samuel has an offer for the team...take a letter to one George Custer and ask him for assistance in this conflict. In return, Clemmons will pretend to have never seen the outlaws who are then free to ride east as far as they can. This works out just fine for Doc, who happens to have a bone to pick with Custer, and for Billi, who is planning on robbing the Alamo. And according to TOM, the Alamo is the key to getting to the next metaverse...

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Project: Metaverse Episode Six Streaming

Rise Up by Paxamo

Episode Seven: Aces And Eights

The pilots are reunited with Brony but TOM has a new connection. They travel to San Antonio to confront George Custer, play some poker, and maybe steal some treasure...


John Hardin wakes up, this time with Brony back inside his body. From the roof he hears the sounds of creaking and scratching. Waking the others, who are just as confused as he is about where he has been for the past four days, they find themselves confronting a creature that appears to be a werewolf of some sort. During this time, the team calls out for TOM only to have him not appear. This is because he is currently inside of Andi's body and can only be heard by her. With Andi translating, TOM informs Brony that he was gone for a few seconds in the real world when his pod went offline. However, in the metaverse several days of passed. The team confronts the werewolf and manages to take him down, in spite of Billi/Andi attempting to ride him. However, when Billi goes to skin the beast she finds the body of a man inside. Horrified, the team grapples with what this means about them and the creatures in this world. Finally, the decision is made to ride on to San Antonio to deliver the letter to George Custer. Along the way TOM is able to answer some questions for the pilots. When asked why he is currently inside of Andi, TOM states that it is likely the work of "them". "Them" being a part of the metaverse known as CHAT. The pilots are making "a lot of noise" as they travel through these worlds which the Metaverse doesn't always like. When that happens, CHAT tends to make strange things occur. Finally reaching San Antonio, the group does some scouting and learn several important pieces of information. First, there is a Wendy Gates in this world and she is the personal assistant of one, Samuel Clemmons. Second, there is a poker tournament being held by George Custer in a few days but it requires a $10,000 buy in. George Custer is also holding a party the next evening and will be in attendance himself. Finally, a man by the name of Robert Ford is present in town...the man that killed Jesse James' brother. TOM and Andi get drunk while the others make plans to go in search of ways to make money in order to enter the poker contest. Jesse takes Billi/TOM up to bed as Doc and John confront a group of men who were talking about a lost ship of treasure in the Medina Gorge. As the remaining three outlaws make plans, upstairs Billi/TOM are plotting a little bank heist of their own...

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Project: Metaverse Episode Seven Streaming

For The Love Of A Brother by Paxamo

Episode Eight: Remember The Alamo

The poker tournament approaches and the team is visited by the spirits of loved ones lost. TOM offers some new insights and things come to an end in a way no one could have ever expected...


Jesse James is alone in the dining hall early in the morning when she hears that Robert Ford is making a run for it. Rushing after him, she is confronted by the ghost of her brother Frank. He warns her that she is riding into an ambush and Jesse heads back to town before its too late. The others gather at breakfast waiting for Billi to arrive in order to be off on their treasure hunt. When they go to her room, they find that TOM is no longer sharing an avatar with Andi and that they are now $10,000 richer. It appears that Billi robbed and subsequently destroyed one of the nearby hotels. With enough money to now enter the poker tournament, the crew heads off to Custer’s welcome party. There they meet a few unsavory characters, like a necromancer and J.M. Browning, as well as making peace with others…namely Robert Ford. They also pass on the message from Samuel Clemmons although Custer seems less than impressed. Billi meanwhile is visited by the spirits of her dead friends who lead her to a secret passageway, inlaid with silver, heading down to the basement of the Alamo. The day of the tournament arrives and the group convenes for a final strategy session. TOM offers several pieces of advice. He notes that Robert Ford is Jesse Jame’s destiny and that she should follow her destiny. Doc Holiday’s job is to get everyone to the poker tournament. Billi needs to get to the basement of the Alamo. Brony is trying to help John Hardin do the right thing and turn his life around. He no longer cares about points, much to TOM’s approval. TOM also notes that the local population is quite strange, leading the others to realize that there is a distinct lack of wildlife…and that everyone in town is a werewolf. Once at the poker game, Doc sits down at the table and is greeted by the ghost of his friend Wyatt Earp. Earp proceeds to help him know when to fold and when to hold as Billi, Jesse, and John attempt to set up some distractions and get into the basement unnoticed. Things proceed as well as can be expected until J.M. Browning tries to gun down the entire room, only to have his guns fire confetti instead. Chaos ensues and the team breaks into the basement. Once there they discover that it is in fact a tomb to Davy Crockett and Kit Bowie, adorned and filled with silver. And it’s a good thing too as the entire upstairs is now filled with werewolves and they’re heading down the steps. The crew makes a valiant effort but they are soon overrun. They manage to take out many of the lesser werewolves as well as George Custer himself, the leader of the pack, but it’s too late. One by one the avatars fall and their pilots go offline. The last thing we see is the devil in the form of Wyatt Earp reaching out a hand to Doc Holiday. “You didn’t think it would be that easy did you Doc?”

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Project: Metaverse Episode Eight Streaming

Tried And True by Paxamo

Episode Nine: Toyland

The pilots find themselves in the bodies of children trapped in a world between worlds. TOM is having trouble reaching them...and something is lurking in the dark.


Three children lost in time, Bobby, Angel, and Lizzie, wake up outside the inviting grounds of an amusement park. Admission is free and they are soon enjoying the food and games awaiting them inside. Angel is the Self Proclaimed Queen of Fairyland and seems to be straight out of the 1920s. Bobby is a little boy from the 1950s armed with his wooden gun and a wealth of military history knowledge. Lizzie seems to be from the 1970s or 1980s and has no time or patience for childish things like magic and pretend. She takes care of herself and is armed with a slingshot, a switchblade, and several very sticky fingers. The trio make their way through the abandoned park and soon begin to notice that things are not quite what they seem. They come upon a pink and white tropical flower in a blue pot with a note nearby. The note is from someone they don't know, someone named TOM. TOM claims that they are in danger and he is trying to reach them in time. He implores them to work together and stay safe. Darkness suddenly falls and the previously welcoming scene becomes far more sinister. Stuffed animals come grotesquely to life and begin attacking the children while the food Lizzie previously ate isn't sitting so well with her. Bobby and Angel find that their previously imaginary tools now work with spectacular results. The children run off and stumble into the food court. Another flower and another note are waiting for them. Lizzie begins to vomit as Bobby reads the note. TOM is trying to reach them but he has discovered that they are in a world that is both a metaverse and not one, and this world is controlled by a highly intelligent and sinister being. He tells the children to find a place to hide and wait until morning. They crowd into an unused refrigeration unit in the ice cream stand and wait until the sun rises. Stumbling out into the light, they find that the world is as it was before. There is no sign of the horrors from the night before. A random system shock sends the children back toward the pilot side and Wyatt, Maddox, and Andi try to piece together what is happening to them...and where Brony has disappeared to. Andi uses her magic from Angel to try and summon TOM from his flower but only manages to create a tiny bobblehead version. Maddox places him in her backpack and they head off, as darkness begins to fall once again. They spot a small boy running off toward the fun house and give chase. Once inside the building night truly falls...and Maddox is separated from the group. Andi comes upon the boy who tells her that "he" is coming before looking up to reveal two bloody holes where his eyes once were. The trio reunites and is thrilled to discover that TOM has found a way to communicate with them via the bobblehead. He is even able to send them two loot boxes containing a hand break and a mirror. These items come in handy as the children find themselves in a mining car heading down the tracks as a tentacled monster attempts to sweep them overboard. Finally emerging from the fun house, the group is horrified to see that they have stumbled into a freak show. Andi uses her super speed to pull them closer to the exit but the floor begins to give way like wet cement, trapping them. They begin to fight the performers but things seem off. One of the attackers almost appears to apologize to them and a glance in the mirror from TOM reveals that all the side show performers are being controlled like marionettes. Maddox burns away some of the strings and Wyatt discovers the power of an imaginary machine gun. They make their way out of the side show of horrors but they are far from safe...and far from home.

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Angela "Angel", Lizzie, Bobby

Project: Metaverse Episode Nine Streaming